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Cadaver course on immediate implants

13 set 2024

14 set 2024



West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry, Regno Unito

Jones Andoni

Jones Andoni

What is covered

  • Indications and limitations to carry out immediate implants. 

  • To understand the expected bone and soft tissue resorption after tooth extraction in each case. Not all sockets are the same.

  • Individualise the approach for each site understanding the available techniques to simplify the surgeries whilst maximising aesthetic results. 

  • Ideal 3D implant placement into an extraction socket. 

  • Socket grafting. When to perform, different biomaterials and rationale. 

  • Soft tissue grafting. Indications, execution. Predictable, safe and simple palatal tissue harvest. 

  • Socket shield/Root preservation techniques. Indications and contraindications, how to simplify the technique to minimise risks. 

  • Temporisation. Importance of temporary restoration for volume maintenance and soft tissue healing.

What to expect?

  • To fully understand each step of immediate implant placements to avoid complications and obtain the desired aesthetic outcomes. 

  • To understand the criteria for choosing the best technique for each case. 

  • Gain knowledge about the potential of Socket Shield/Root Preservation techniques to obtain unparalleled aesthetic outcomes. 

  • Clinical case presentations to facilitate learning and discussion with the speaker.

  • Cadaver hands on session to practise each step involved in the execution of immediate implants (full or partial dental extraction, implant placement, hard & soft tissue management, temporisation).

  • Become familiar with the instruments/materials needed to carry out socket grafting, soft tissue grafting and socket shield. 

  • CBCT analysis of the cadaver specimens by the delegates for diagnostic and planning purposes.

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