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Marku Eddy

Eddy Marku is the owner and managing director of Dental By Design and Vivo Dental Laboratory in London (UK). Eddy completed his studies in Milan in 2007 and has been working in Dental Technology for 16 years- specialising in the most complex of implant and cosmetic cases. He has lectured in multiple locations around the world and is known for having raised the bar of the dental field in the UK with an intricate eye for detail and a passion for perfection. He is one of the key lecturers for the International Master in Implant Dentistry at the International Medical University of Rome (UNICAMILLUS), specializing in full mouth implant rehabilitation.


Vertical freedom & intramucosal concept surgical/biological/restorative algorithm

Conti Stefano, Marku Eddy

12 ottobre 2024

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