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CONICO: The future in implant dentistry. No Cement - No screws Focus on fully digital workflow

15 giu 2024

15 giu 2024


£ 400,00 + VAT

The Butts Dental Practice, Boston Manor Road, Brentford TW8 8DL, Regno Unito

Bopanna Pavan

Bopanna Pavan

The improvements of the planning and surgical techniques has been massively dragged and impacted by the digital applications and dedicated softwares. This led to an increase of accuracy, predictability and minimal invasiveness of the treatments from either surgical and prosthetic point of view.

The aim of the course is to outline to each delegate a clear fully digital workflow that, depending on the clinicians needs, can be controlled fully in-house or split and outsourced at different levels.

Giving a perspective of all the latest options available will allow the clinician to determine a sustainable planning flow and long term and successful clinical results.

Moreover the course will provide a full overview of the prosthetic aspects involved in a clinical case planning. It will display in details all the advantages of the conometric approach compared to the most traditional screw-retained and cemented ones, and it will offer a third very reliable perspective to reach predictable and long term outcomes.

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