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Complete mouth rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics

20 lug 2024

21 lug 2024



Clinica Cicero, Piazza Euclide, Roma, RM, Italia

Complete mouth rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics

An individualised approach

The goal of complete mouth rehabilitation is the longterm restoration and/or enhancement of a functional and esthetic dentition. Along with the complexity of such treatment, the selection among a variety of available materials and techniques might make the procedure even more challenging. This is amplified when trying to restore patients with different facial types and dento - skeletal classifications. Digital technology has been widely used to increase the predictability of implant planning and placement, however implementing a digital work flow exclusively in complex complete rehabilitation is still challenging and controversial. This course will outline an individualised approach to prosthetically enhance or restore dento - facial harmony with fixed complete mouth rehabilitation. The most relevant criteria for treatment planning, VDO decision and treatment sequencing in full mouth reconstruction will be discussed along with setting functional and esthetic guidelines. The selective integration of digital work flow, mainly with prosthetically driven virtual planning and guided implant surgery will be highlighted, thereby reducing treatment time and cost To conclude, the final ceramic material decision will be analysed on the basis of functional and esthetic rendition as well as expected strength performance according to the patient1s condition without disregarding the requirements of biocompatibility, esthetics and improved long term prognosis

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