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Cadaver course on advanced hard & soft tissue grafting

6 set 2024

7 set 2024



West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry, Regno Unito

Jones Andoni

Jones Andoni

What is covered

  • 3D regeneration using the Split Bone Block Technique with autogenous bone and soft tissue. 

  • Diagnosis and 3D imaging of donor & defect sites. 

  • Horizontal & Vertical regeneration. 

  • Intraoral bone harvest: Retromolar and Palate. 

  • Flap design and periosteal release. Suture. 

  • Implant placement into regenerated sites. Relining with biomaterials. 

  • Soft tissue management and timing. 

  • Grafting in the Esthetic area.

  • Limitations of autogenous bone and alternative options.

What to expect?

  • Gain knowledge to safely harvest bone intraorally. 

  • Become familiar with palatal bone harvesting techniques. 

  • To understand the limitations of grafting with autogenous bone, how to minimise resorption and how to obtain long term volume stability. 

  • Learning the role of soft tissue management/grafting to create the necessary tissue volume and quality to protect the regenerated bone and implants and to achieve esthetic outcomes. 

  • Clinical case presentations to facilitate learning and discussion with the speaker. 

  • Cadaver hands on session to become familiar with different techniques and instruments / materials shown during the course. 

  • CBCT analysis of the specimen by the delegates to plan the bone harvest and augmentation technique.

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